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The Swarming Death (extra)
6 Jul 2021
(short story)

What horrors hide in the perpetual fogs of Exalithen?

Separated from Veric shortly after their entry into the dark kingdom, Sandrin finds herself assailed by strange visions... but are they really visions?

After meeting three identical women, an enraged dog, and her own dead brother, she starts to question her sanity.

But things only get worse when she comes across the ruins of a red fortress...

Will Sandrin find her way back to Luksia, or become a prisoner of ghosts and spirits?

"A Trickle of Dust" is a free short story available only to fans who have read "Fire From the Sky." To avoid spoilers, it should be read before "In Shadows We Hide."

copyright (c) 2024 Steffen Larken

Last updated: 31 Aug 2021